Company Profile

company_profile Loong Weng Plastic Industries Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1978. Our company’s continuing change and improved growth has given Loong Weng Group a strong impact on the plastic fabrication industry. With our current expansion to our new implementation of new technology, increased overall services, and improved customer service, Loong Weng Group remain creative and flexible to fulfill the market needs without compromising on product quality.

People think it is impossible to chrome plastic, it is not.  Vacuum metalizing is the process of chrome plating over plastic and is different than electroplating or chrome plating. Vacuum metalizing is process used to make flash light reflectors and automotive lighting shine like chrome. After the metalizing there is a protective topcoat applied similar to the ones used in the automotive industry. Vacuum metalizing is much more cost effective than chrome plating or chrome painting.  Many material can vacuum metalize including plastic, metal, glass, fiberglass and etc.

Today, we are one of the leading plastics manufacturer in Malaysia. LWPI offers a whole range of plastics products that reflect our expertise in the Injection Moulding and Vacuum Chroming manufacturing processes. Our current productions are a series of home and office accessories and automotive products.

Company Mission - We are committed to:

  1. "Quality First" is our no. 1 commitment. This is Loong Weng's core value and attitude. In our drive towards manufacturing and service excellence, we instill and encourage innovation, flexibility, diligence and integrity in all our business processes.
  2. Provide excellent service to gain customer trust and satisfaction. We strive to exceed customers expectation.
  3. Continually improve ourselves in products and service excellence, quality excellence, cost competitiveness, and timely delivery.


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